This page explains the use of cookies by the website.


To ensure the smooth operation of the website, we often place small text files on your computer, the so-called “cookies”. Most websites do the same. Cookies are not used nor can they be used to collect personal information or to verify your identity.

What are cookies?

These are small text files that a website saves to your computer or mobile phone or tablet when you visit it. This way, the site remembers your actions and preferences (e.g., older searches, language, font size, and other display preferences) for a period of time, so you do not have to enter those preferences every time you visit or browse the site. its pages.

The cookies we use

The cookies used by belong to the following groups:

Google Analytics: used to gather information about how visitors use our website. We use the information to create reports and help us improve the website. Cookies collect information in anonymous form, and the number of visitors to the website, from where visitors have found the website and the pages they visited.

Google AdSense: used to better target ads based on visitor preferences. Google uses the DoubleClick cookie to personalize and analyze behavior.

Social cookies: These cookies come from external pages and are used for the smooth operation of their software (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc.) or for posting comments.

How to control cookies

You can see the available cookie management options in your browser, which can be used to manage cookies related to basic features, site enhancement, personalization and advertising. Different browsers use different ways to disable cookies. These modes are usually listed in the toolbar or options menu. You can also refer to the help menu of your browser.

Useful details can be found at You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer, as well as configure most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, then, you may need to adjust some preferences yourself each time you visit a site, and some services may also not work.

Information from Google

Since most cookies on the website come from Google (analytics & adsense) you can find more information on the relevant Google page: How Google uses data when you use its affiliate sites or applications.